Wrinkle Reducer - Say Goodbye to Fine Lines!

Ultrasonic Waves
An Ultrasonic Beauty Skin Device can rejuvenate your skin and make you look years younger by producing high frequency waves (1Mzh - 3Mhz). These ultrasonic waves penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and improve the elasticity of skin cells thus functioning as a natual face lift. This facial massager reduces the aging process by tightening and firming your skin. Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves vastly improve the absobtion of nutrients into the skin. Use a high quality facial massager with your favorite skin care products to make them even more effective!

How does Ultrasonic Skin Therapy Help Your Skin?

The vibrations of the ultrasonic massager's waves remove old cuticles and oiled waste from the pores, giving you healthier and firmer skin. It removes dead skin cells and brings the tender surface of your skin out on your whole body. In addition, the combination of ultrasonic waves and galvanic ions make the absorption of moisture and nutrition more up to 70% more effective.

Healthier and Cleaner Skin

Ultrasound sends invisible micro-vibrations deep into in the skin cells, breaking down the calcified fatty deposits and sebum. It stimulates the release of toxins and waste products out of the cells and transfers them into the lymphatic system where they are eliminated.

Ultrasonic Waves are Invisible for Human Eyes!

Ultrasound massagers emit a deep micro- vibration so rapid, that it cannot be seen or felt at the surface of our skin. So don't think your ultrasonic massager isn't working

To test the transmission of ultrasonic waves, put some water onthe metal head. You will see the water vibrating, caused by the ultrasonic waves.

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Wrinkle Reducer - Say Goodbye to Fine Lines!