Top 8 Reasons
why Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Face Massage is perfect for You

1. We vouch for it

At Beauty Health Source we are dedicated to helping people inform themselves about what is best for their bodies and health. We test products and try to warn people and keep them from buying useless or even harmful products advertised on TV or elsewhere. Only recently we decided to feature some products that we tried and tested and that we found to be so awesome that we wanted the world to know about them.

The galvanic face massager is one of these products. From own experience and cooperation with other sites we know there are a lot of face massagers out there. However, we also know that 99% of these are useless and some even harmful.

Galvanic Ions
2. Few Machines combine Ultrasound
with Galvanic Ions

Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion face massager are revolutionary because they combine the ultrasound technology, which is used in most spas for skincare treatment, with the galvanic ion treatment essential for supplying your skin with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs.

3. Save Money!

Stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year for skincare treatments at spas and beauty salons. In order for all non-invasive skincare treatments to be of lasting success they have to be repeated on a regular basis which means going to the spa every couple of weeks since no one likes to see acne, pimples, fine lines or wrinkles resurfacing. By having a good face massager at home you can give your skin the perfect treatment as often as it needs it and in the comfort of your own home. In Europe beauty treatments with the high quality face massagers are available only in spas and the machines are sold for up to $1500. This is a high quality beauty product that even helps you save money!

4. Finally Get Skincare Products to Work!

Even the most expensive skincare products like lotions or creams do not work as effciently alone as they do with a great facial massager. The skin has a natural barrier that protects us from germs, bacteria, damaging sun light grime and dirt. As vital as this barrier is for our health, it also keeps the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in skincare products from penetrating deep into the skin where they are most needed. The ultrasonic galvanic ion technology helps skincare products to penterate the skin and clinical trials in the US, Uk and Japan have proven that skincare products are up to 70% more efficient when used with a machine integrating these technologies.

5. Face Massagers are not only for Yourself

Good masagers have different settings: Cleansing, Massaging, Lifting, Wrinkle Care and Whitening. While your skin might need lifting and wrinkle care, your daughter might want to use the massager to cleanse her skin of impurities and fight her acne and your best friend or sister might want a whiter complexion. It is completly safe to share a galvanic machine if it is made of stainless material and very easy to clean.

6. Choose an Award Winning Face Massager

Good products awarded with the internationally accredited certificates like the Skin Safe Certificate. Furthermore the GOLD prize in an exhibition of patent technology in the beauty equipment category and GRAND, SILVER and BRONZE prices in exhibitions for new technology inventions in the USA or Europe are good indicators.

7. Scientific Proof

Don't rely on our word only. Read for yourself how face massagers can rejuvenate your skin and give you a young and healthy complexion.

8. No Risks

We at Beauty Health Source stand behind our recommendations 100%. However, not all skincare products work the same way for everyone nor do other shops offer unconditional money back guarantees. Like always, the golden rule is to buy from trusted and established sites only.

Do you have questions? Read the most common questions related to the Ultrasonic Galvanic Face Massagers in our FAQ!
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Top 8 Reasons - why Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Face Massage is perfect for You