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Ab Rocket Review
Does this abdominal exerciser help you lose weight or lose money?

by our fitness expert Cindy Romero
I saw the new TV commercial for Ab Rocket, another abdominal exercise machine that promises to help you lose weight and get rock hard abs - fast and with little effort. It provoked me into actually ordering Ab Rocket to try it out for myself and to be able to write this review. If you are thinking about buying the Ab Rocket, either to get solid abs or to lose weight you should definitely read this review and then make an informed decision.

As a nutrition and fitness expert I knew more or less what to expect when I ordered Ab Rocket, because all the ab products I tried out and wrote reviews about so far promised to be revolutionary, easy to use and leading to a slim body with solid abs in no time.

Like most other weight loss and abs products the Ab Rocket comes with a low calorie meal plan, two very short exercise DVDs and an additional dance DVD. With shipping and taxes the whole order comes to $125, so the product should better be worth your money.

When the package finally arrived I was eager to try it out and substituted my regular workouts for the short 5 minute power workouts with Ab Rocket. I have to admit I was glad to be able to use the excuse of having to write a review to cut down my workout times so drastically although I had gained some weight over the holidays.

However, just assembling the Ab Rocket, especially the part of hooking up the springs, was a workout by itself and far from user friendly. During the first few workouts I sampled the DVDs and have to say they are nothing special and not different from other fitness DVDs. After having seen each of them two times however, I couldn't stand it anymore and did my Ab Rocket workouts without instructions.

The workouts themselves ARE short, but I also had a hard time keeping my balance on the Ab Rocket instead of being 100% able to concentrate on my abs. Furthermore the workouts are TOO short, I wouldn't even get my pulsrate up when the workouts were already over. The massaging function of the Ab Rocket I found to be irritating my back rather than bringing me any pleasure, which is only natural since whoever has heard of any sort of workout that is comfortable?

I don't know how often to repeat this message to all the people out there that want a flat tummy with solid, rock hard abs: there is no easy way! A workout is supposed to make you sweat and to get your pulsrate up, only that way can you effectively burn calories. University studies have proven beyond the shaddow of a doubt that in order to get hard abs, traditional ab workouts without any equipment (only exception is the captain's chair) are suited best to get you results. However, you have to work out more than 5 minutes a day and also include a healthy diet and cardio exercises into your fitness programm or nobody will ever notice your hard abs because they are covered by a layer of body fat.

I am writing this review after exercising with Ab Rocket 5 minutes a day for one week and the result is that I have gained two punds and I feel like my lower back and neck are more tense than usual. Today, I will send the Ab Rocket back and ask for my 125 bucks, because it's totally not worth it. As usual with infomercial products, it will be more of a struggle to get my money back than working out with the "revolutionary equipment".
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