4 Ways Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Facial Massagers
Improve your Skin

Improve your skin
Advanced skin care devices include an artificial intelligence controller to help you remove skin waste by using ultrasonic waves. On top of that, ultrasonic galvanic ion facial massagers enhance the absorption nutrition deep into you skin by using galvanic ions.

1. Cleaner Skin - Fight Pimples, Acne and Impurities!

Pimples and acne are the inflammation of sebum and external pollutants clogging the pores of your skin. Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands. Because of hormonal imbalances, sebaceous glands are over-vitalized to secrete too much sebum and to accelerate the keratinization of the epidermis. As a result, sebum clogs the pores and hinders your body from removing grime and germs from the pores. Thus, pimples, acne and skin impurities are formed. Extruding the inflammatory region only makes it worse and can lead to permanent skin damage.

The speed vibration and the bubble action of ultrasound in combination with galvanic ions can easily wrap this waste products up and take them out of the skin. The ultrasound function of the face massager sends invisible micro-vibrations deep into in the skin cells, breaking down the calcified fatty deposits and sebum. It stimulates the release of toxins and waste products out of the cells and transfers them into the lymphatic system where they are eliminated. A good facial massager will reduce the inflammation and clear the skin making it look healthier and younger.

2. Younger Skin - Smoothe Wrinkles and Reduce Fine Lines!

Ultrasound face massagers usually emit a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that it cannot be seen or felt at the surface of our skin. So don't think your ultrasonic face massager isn't working! The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into your skin and improve skin elasticity by stimulation of your skin skells. Ultrasonic waves operate on high frequencies that give high-speed massages to the skin tissues.

Ultrasonic Waves
This is called as the micro massage effect.

A facial treatment with a good ultrasound face massager normally uses soft ultrasonic waves.

This the best way to treat sensitive skin that since they are waves with frequencies between 1MHz and 1.8MHz

If the frequencies are lower the treatment is not efficient and if the frequencies are higher the skin will be stressed too much, especially sensitive facial tissue.

Using ultrasound technology, facial massagers reduce the aging process by tightening and firming your skin. At the same time, dead cuticle and old skin cells are removed, which visibly helps reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving your skin a fresh and young look!

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3. Absorption of Nutrients and Minerals

Our skin is a natural barrier against many external influences. It provides some protection for the body against many pathogenic microbes and chemical agents, it protects underlying tissues from UV light and it restricts fluid and water loss.

However, this natural barrier also interferes with the absorption of minerals and vitamins from skincare products. When using beauty products alone, you protect the only stratum corneum (outter skin layer) leaving the skin looking smooth temporarily, but the ingredients are not able to penetrate the deep base of the skin where they are mosty needed.

By enabling the nutrients, vitamins and mineral from sin care products to penetrate the protective membrane of the skin, the ultrasonic treatment helps you to provide your skin with everything it needs to stay young and healthy, even under stress.

Clinical studies conducted in the U.S., the UK and Japan have proven that skin care products are up to 70% more effcient when used in combination with a galvanic ion ultrasound face massager.

4. Smooth and Clear Complexion

Normal pigments emerge in the basal tissue and the granular layer. In order to resist ultraviolet rays and other harmful light, the number of pigments changes with the intensity of the sun light our skin is exposed to. The more sun baths a person takes, the more tanned their skin gets, the pigments darken. Sooner or later, most of these pigments will come off with the dead cuticle and fall off naturally.

The others sink to the dermis stratum and are taken to the kidneys, liver or spleen via the blood and lymph systems. They will be expelled from the body eventually. Nevertheless, if too many pigments stay in the epidermis, dark spots can be seen on the skin. The speed vibration of ultrasound helps to accelerate the black pigments detatching themselves from the epidermal tissue and facilitate their removal by lymph fluids. Thus the skin regains it's natural clarity and beautyful appearance.

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4 Ways Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Facial Massagers Improve your Skin