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The best of all stress relief gifts!

by sabrina lowat
In my reviews I usually don’t reveal the result in the headline already, but this time I am so enthusiastic about the product I just have to shout it out: Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion facial massagers are the best stress relief gift ever!

How it all came to pass... I was really stressed out with my job and my son had trouble sleeping through the night so he often woke me up, which didn’t help either. I started neglecting my daily workouts and just didn’t feel like myself with all the stress I had. All that resulted in new wrinkles on my forehead and under eye circles and I felt as if these wrinkles were deepening every day.Luckily, my sister Jen noticed my condition and decided to make me the best stress relief gift I ever received. She bought me a new facial massager and offered to take care of my son one afternoon so I could try it out.

Even after one session I was already hooked, the gentle feeling of facial massager and the nice smelling gel being massaged into my skin was just delicious. With my family and work it has been ages since I had time to go to a spa and experience a stress relieving facial or a massage. Now I can have my own spa treatment at home, it relaxes and also reduced the lines and wrinkles and the under eye rings I had.

My new facial massager is similar to the expensive ultrasonic machines used in high-end beauty salons, however it is the only patented beauty machine in the whole wide world that integrates galvanic ion and ultrasonic wave technology.

Usually the natural barrier on our skin prevents harmful environmental influences to penetrate our skin. The negative side is that this same barrier also prevents nutrients and minerals in common beauty creams and lotions to penetrate our skin.

Using ion and ultrasound technology my facial massager maximizes the absorption of nourishment products to reach an (in my opinion) incredible revival effect. Every woman knows how important it is to feel comfortable with our bodies and how stressed out we can get if we aren’t content with what we see in the mirror. My sister’s gift not only helped to reduce the wrinkles on my forehead and under eye circles but also made my freckles less prominent. Here is why (I found that on the website and I think it’s a good explanation):

Melanin pigmentation causes flecks, black spots and dark skin. Ultrasonic waves promote melanin oxidation and makes flecks pale. Flecks on the surface, black spots and dark skin are pale cells surrounding melanin on the base layer changed to dark color and seen through on the surface. Fortunately, the ultrasonic vibrations of the facial massager and heat action promote elimination of melanin in pale cells of the deep epidermis to keep skin clear and beautiful

The ultrasonic waves of this facial massager can accelerate blood and lymph circulation and carry excess fluid away. The ultrasound heat helps dissolve the fat so that the tissue can absorb it. Thus, black eye-rim is removed.

Blackheads or pimples come out because sebum blocks up pores. When ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the skin, sebum in pores comes out easily due to the vibration. So, the generation of blackheads or pimples is preventable.

I use my facial massager 2-3 times a week and since I work from home I can fit my personal spa experience in whenever I have time during the day and get my dose of stress relief much cheaper and more convenient than if I had to drive to a spa. This gift helped me regain my emotional balance and enhanced the beauty of my skin. I give 5 stars out of 5 to this great stress relief gift. Thank you, sis!
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The best of all stress relief gifts! > Reviews > Skincare Review