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Slendertone Review
Does Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) really work?

by our fitness expert Cindy Romero
The short answer to this is: depends. It depends on what you want to use Electric Muscle Stimulation devices like the Slendertone products for.

There are very many reviews and customer testimonials out there many of them negative and also a lot of positive reviews. So why should one more review make a difference? Because in this review I will not express my personal opinion, which many of our readers already know, but instead use hard facts to let you know the truth about Slendertone and similar products.

Slendertone Review – How does Electric Muscle Stimulation Work?

The basic idea of Slendertone’s devices is very simple: Electrical pads are placed on the skin, and when a small current is applied, the muscle underneath the pad contracts involuntarily. This should cause a tingling sensation and normally isn’t painful. The goal is to keep muscles from atrophying and to strengthen and tone them.

Slendertone Review – the Good News

The good news first: the kind of Electronic Muscle Stimulation that is used by Slendertone actually does work. Specialists already use electrical stimulation to prevent unused muscles from atrophying – in effect, “exercising” the muscle even though the patient has lost the ability to move it himself. For example it is used on paralyzed limbs of people who had a stroke in order to exercise their muscles or help them learn to walk again. The University of Florida is doing extensive research on this subject. Furthermore, Electric Muscle Stimulation, is in fact used by physiotherapists and trainers/athletes complimentary to certain exercises or to improve muscle tone and strength. And last but nor least, Slendertone is FDA approved, which means it doesn’t endanger your health if you use it.

Slendertone Review – The Bad News

Electronic Muscle Stimulators like the Slendertone products are heavily advertised and marketed. So much so that the FDA dedicated a whole article to this subject. Read it for yourself (at

In my opinion these two paragraphs say all you need to know about any Slendertone product as I don’t see why the FDA should lie about their findings, especially since most of the Western world has a problem with their population getting overweight. If there was a miracle weight loss and ab toning device most governments would embrace it just because the huge savings any medical care system could make by having less members suffering from diseases caused by obesity.

Slendertone Review – The Conclusion:

You might wonder why there are so many positive reviews and testimonials for Slendertone products if the thing doesn’t work. I have read many of these positive reviews and my finding is that almost all the people who say they actually lost weight and inches with Slendertone did not just use the product sitting on the couch. No, they went swimming or cycling, they changed their diets and their eating habits. Basically, they did everything anyone could tell you if you asked them about how you could lose weight.

Do some research of your own and you will realize that the only way to get a good shape, to lose weight and to have nice abs is: Exercise, the right diet and abs training. On our blog we post regularly about the most efficient abs exercises and only few of them require equipment – none of which is nearly as expensive as the Slendertone products. So, my advice is to save the money you’d spend on this product and rather treat yourself to a nice dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant after you have been working out and eating right all week!
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