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Why Infrared Heating Pads
Are Far Superior To Other Heating Pads

by Jack
Most of us already know that to truly get rid of pain, the pain must be addressed at its root. That's why heating pads are popular healing aids for chronic pain sufferers – they allow the affected area to slowly heal itself over time, instead of just relieving the pain temporarily.

But here's something heating pad's sellers don't want you to know: Not all heating pads are created equal!

Some heating pads claim to heal pain at its root – but actually all they do is get rid of the symptoms of the pain. And that's not much different from pain medication and drugs.

Make no mistake – to truly get rid of pain, you'll have to find yourself a good Infrared heating pad. These are the only kinds of heating pads today that stops chronic pain's underlying source.

How do Infrared heating pads helps relieve pain? The answer lies in a source of healing we can enjoy every single day, absolutely free: The sun.
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How The Sun Light Helps Relieve Pain For Free

The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and helps prevent all sorts of diseases. Some studies even show that simply getting enough sunlight each day – about 30 minutes on average – can dramatically lower your likelihood of getting sick.

But perhaps the most enjoyable health benefit of the sun is its ability to "bake" away aches and pains – both physical and otherwise. Studies are showing that people who live in warmer and sunnier climates suffer less from arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

The secret lies in the sun's far-infrared light – an invisible light that penetrates deep into human tissue and triggers its natural ability to heal itself.

What If You Don't Have Enough Sun Light
Or You Are Inside Working At the Office All Day?

Are you aches and pains coming back, especially during the cold months?

Are you living in place where the sunlight doesn't stay long enough or it's raining all day? Working all day in the office without getting much exposure from the sunlight?

What you need is heat therapy that you can get anytime. Yes, a portable heating pad that emit infrared rays to help reduce your pains. Let far infrared light go deep into you body that fastens the healing process.

And that is the secret behind Infrared heating pad technology!

Why Ordinary Heating Pads Can't Offer
Long-Term Relief From Chronic Pain

Most heating pads don't emit infrared light, and instead only emits radiant heat. These heating pads relieve pain by channeling heat energy into the muscle tissue. And to some extent, this method relieves pain.

Heat therapy relaxes muscles and removes tension, which is great for muscles aching from exertion. But what about pain caused by arthritis, or pinched nerve, or a past injury? Ordinary heating pads might relieve some of the pain, but leave the underlying cause virtually unchanged.

And that's where Infrared heating pads shine. They don't just use radiant heat to soothe tense muscles, but they also use far-infrared light – the sun's healing power – to stop the pain's root cause.

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How Infrared Heating Pads
Stops Pain For The Long-Term

Far-infrared light penetrates deep beyond muscle tissue and addresses the root cause of the pain. There, it improves blood circulation and triggers the release of the body's natural painkillers.

Infrared heating pads facilitate the removal of toxins and waste material from the affected area, and increases the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and painkilling endorphins into the root cause of the pain. That means with continued use, Infrared heating pads not only get rid of the pain, it even gives you a sensational feeling.

What's more, continued use of Infrared heating pads make the affected area stronger and more nimble, letting you enjoy the activities your chronic pain once took away from you.

These are just some of the reasons why Infrared heating pads are far superior to other types of heating pads. We have known this for quite a long time, which is why we came up with the best, most effective Infrared heating pad available on the market today.

Introducing The ChiOndo Heating Pad –
The Healing Power Of The Sun At Your Fingertips

The ChiOndo Heating Pad takes Infrared heating pad technology to the next level. The secret lies in on its surface, which is covered with a special clay called "Loess." Loess clay emits far-infrared light when heated – the same far-infrared light we get from the sun.

With the ChiOndo Heating Pad, you can get rid of your chronic pain problems for good – even if you live in the colder corners of the world. It's also a great companion in the cold winter months, when aches and pains tend to flare up and cause the most misery.

Don't get left out in the cold – get your very own ChiOndo Heating Pad in time for the holidays.

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