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What Is The Most Natural And Powerful
Healing Method Known To Human Beings?

by Jack
Dear chronic pain sufferer,

Ever wondered how the sun seems to "heal" the human body? A quick walk under the sun immediately lifts your mood, relieves pain, and even alleviates the common cold. How does this happen?

That's the power of heat therapy, one of the most natural and powerful methods of healing known to man! It's one of the reasons why so many people want to live in sunny parts of the world. Not only is it warm and balmy, but it's simply a healthier place to live.

And that's also the reason why most of us dislike the winter months. The lethal combination of the bitter cold and the lack of sunshine makes our aches and pains act up at the worst possible time.

And without heat therapy, we're forced to turn to artificial, man-made "healing" – pain medications.

And pain medications are bad news for chronic pain sufferers!
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ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad
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Why Drug Addictive Pain Killers
Might Do More Harm Than Good

The problem with pain medications is that it doesn't get rid of the pain. It only get rids of the SYMPTOMS of the pain. And until the root cause of the pain is healed, the pain will always come back – and you'll be forced to keep popping pain medications over the years and decades.

And that's not the worst part. Studies have shown that long-term use of certain pain medications can raise the risk of the following serious complications:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Drug sensitivity
  • Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases
  • Birth defects
  • And, unfortunately, much more...

What's the point of getting rid of the pain with drugs when the drugs actually open the door wide open for life-threatening diseases?

Here Is Your All-Natural Solution
To The Root Of Chronic Pain

The danger of pain medications was one of the reasons why we bring to you the ChiOndo Heating Pad. This one-of-a-kind heating pad allows chronic pain sufferers to enjoy heat therapy at any time of the year.

This Infrared Heating Pad treats pain right at its root, allowing the body to heal itself and keep the pain from ever coming back.

The ChiOndo Heating Pad isn't just an ordinary "hot compress," however. When heated, this heating pad emits an invisible, far-infrared light that penetrates deep into human tissue. This far-infrared light is the same healing light that we get from the sun.

Imagine having the healing powers of the sun at your service anytime, anywhere!

The secret is in the ChiOndo Heating Pad's surface material, a special kind of clay called "loess." This special clay gives off the invisible healing infrared light when heated, giving the kind of deep, lasting pain relief that every chronic pain sufferer yearns for.

facial Massager
ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad
Regular price: $79
Shipping $7

How To Use The ChiOndo Heating Pad
And What To Expect From Continued Use

This shoulder heating pad is great for people suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

The ChiOndo Heating Pad is meant to be heated in hot water for about 3 minutes, toweled off, then wrapped in a dry towel before wrapping it around the painful area. For chronic pain sufferers, it offers sustained pain relief – or simply a nice warm way to relax on a cold day!

With continued use of the ChiOndo Heating Pad, you can expect the following health benefits:

  • Less frequent and less intense instances of chronic pain
  • Strengthening of painful area
  • Improved movement
  • Less pain in other areas of the body
  • Better mood and productivity
  • And much, much more!

The Healing Powers Of The Sun,
Completely At Your Service

Now here's a question: How much would you pay to have the healing powers of the sun at your personal service?

The good news is you don't have to pay a million dollars to have such a benefit at your fingertips. The ChiOndo Heating Pad is now available at the discounted price of $59 (previously $79).

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Can't wait to get your relief now?

Simply click the "Add To Cart" button below to have your very own ChiOndo Heating Pad sent on its way to your doorstep.
facial Massager
ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad
Regular price: $79
Shipping $7
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