Benefits of Aromatherapy

In order to understand how you can benefit from aromatherpay you first should know how it actually works. Aromatherapy has been used as a healing art for thousands of year and by now we actually know how they work interacting with our body and mind. Humans are able to differenciate between 10,000s of smells.

When we inhale a smell. the scent travels through the olfactory nerves in our noses to the part of our brain that is called the lymbic system. This brain region supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, long term memory, and olfaction. When stimulated, for example by smells, the limbic system activates the pleasure center in the brain and also can lead to sexual arousal. In short, smells have the power of influencing your mood, your emotions and even your sex drive. However, these are not the only positive effects of aromatherapy and a diffuser or nebulizer can make essential oils even more efficient.

Essential oils are not to be confused with fragance oils, which often contain chemicals. Essential oils are much more powerful and should never be applied to the skin in an undiluted form.

Aromatherapy Benefits

1. Absorption through the Skin

Essential oils can be absorbed into your body by aromatherapy massages and through microparticles diluted into the air by a diffuser. This can relax, reduce stress and stimulate blood circulation and it definitely moisturizes your skin and gives it a firmer, younger looking complexion. However, direct application of essential oils can even be dangerous, for example peppermint oil can cause an asthmatic reaction when applied under the nose or the lips of a child to fight a cold. Therefore, only certified aromatherapists should apply it directly to the skin. Using essential oils in a diffuser allows you to reap their benefits without any danger.

2. Feel Better

Inhaling the microparticles contained in essential oils can have a profound effect on your mood and emotions. make yourself feel more relaxed and calmed (using lavender or sandalwood oils) or revitalize and reenergize yourself.

3. Increase Your Sex Drive and that of Your Partner

Essential oils can help to increase blood circulation and stimulate the pleasure centre in your brain. In combination with a massage the use of aromatherapy and mixtures of essential oils can help to create an erotic atmosphere and stimulate the sex drive of both partners enhancing their sexual experience.

4. Sleep Better

Clinical studies have shown that essential lavander oil diluted into the air can influence the sleeping behaviour of persons making it more easy for them to fall asleep and improving the quality fo their sleep.

5. Fight Colds and Stay Healthy

Use an aromatherapy diffuser to moisturize and oxigenize the air and faciliate respiration. Peppermint and eucalypto oils have anti-bacterial and decongesting qualities when inhaled and even have anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, theystimulate the immune system.

6. Reduce Stress

Essential oils derrived from vanilla or lavender plants can help to reduce stress and make you feel more balanced. Conventional oil burners using tea lights, candles or other heat sources often make the smell too intense and even unpleasant. A diffuser has diferent setting to help you choose the smell intensity and setting you want making them suitable even for use in your office or professional environment.
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Benefits of Aromatherapy